Transform your backyard...Transform your Life

Transforming your back yard is a very personal and individual decision. Designing and constructing a pond or waterfall is not only an art, it is a passion.

That’s why we, at Ponds in the City, only "build one water feature at a time". We tell you when we’re going to start, and dedicate ourselves to only your feature, everyday, until it’s finished. Our customers deserve 100% of our commitment and passion to achieve their vision. Unlike others, we only build water features and nothing else. We are focused on having one specialty, the business of transforming your life.


Aquascape Contractor  Landscape Ontario Member

Design and Construction 

Ponds in the City offers complete design and construction of natural looking Water Gardens, Waterfalls, Fountains, Pondless Waterfalls and Rainwater Harvest Systems. 

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Service and Maintenance 

We service, maintain, and repair both residential and commercial water features. 

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